Idler frames

Designed and tested to operate in medium duty applications.

Megaroller Idler Frames are designed to be a belt friendly alternative to conventional idler frames. Due to the innovative tubular cross sections, conveyor belts can’t be damaged, ensuring an optimum belt life cycle. They can be fitted with all of Megaroller’s belt friendly conveyor rollers, to maximise productivity, minimise downtime and ensure efficient operation of the conveyor system.

Our frames are built to customer specifications.

Some advantages are:

  • Made from high quality materials for a long lifespan.
  • Reduces damage to conveyor belts.
  • Ensures even, centred distribution of weight on the belt.
  • Prevents structural damage to rollers.

Available option include:

  • 3 Roll Trough
  • Adjustable 3 Roll Trough
  • 5 Roll Trough
  • Vee-return
  • Flat Return
Trough Impact Idlers
Adjustable Idler
Flat Return Idlers
V Return Idler Frame
Trough Idler Frame
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