Polylite HDPE rollers

For use in medium to light duty applications in extremely dusty and moist environments.

Megaroller’s PolyLite HDPE rollers are an economic, light weight and superior quality conveyor roller, designed to minimise economic cost, environmental impact and manual handling risks. PolyLite Rollers incorporate Megaroller’s patented technologies, and are engineered to operate in a wide variety of environmental conditions.

Megaroller’s ground breaking design, patented bearing housing and sealing arrangement, and an HDPE roller shell made from the purest HDPE available, results in a light weight roller that outperforms and outlasts all other similar in class products. These rollers minimise manual handling risks, reduce overall downtime and ensure longevity in the most extreme conditions. All plastic components of our PolyLite Rollers are fully recyclable and are manufactured in house.

Some advantages are:

Ultimate Bearing Protection:

  • Advanced Sealing Arrangement (Patent number 99/5238): The market’s most efficient sealing system. The arrangement is completely water tight and bearings are completely protected from moisture and grit.
  • High-impact Bearing and Seal Housing (Patent number 2001/6883): Due to its innovative design, the bearing and sealing housing is able to absorb the impact imposed by uneven loads and belt speed.
  • Unique patented fusion process: The roller body is heat fused to the bearing housings, which results in a totally sealed and aligned roller drum.
  • High quality lubricant. Megarollers are lubricated for life.
  • Only the best quality bearing brands (SKF or FAG) are used in our products.

Perfectly Concentric Design:

  • Internal circumference of the roller bodies are precision machined by calibrated machinery to align bearing housings, ensuring bearing alignment.
  • Roller Bodies are dynamically balanced and machined to a perfect concentricity – Reduced vibration, noise & extended bearing life, which translates into lower repair and maintenance costs.
  • The final result is a roller, which conforms to the highest specification, with concentricity tolerance (TIR) of 0,2mm.

Energy Efficient:

  • Lighter weight of the HDPE rollers means a ‘low breakaway’, thus a significant reduction in energy or start-up costs on conveyor drives.
  • Megaroller seal offers a low friction coefficient.
  • Energy Efficient bearings ensures a low power demand for conveyors.

Highly Durable Roller Body:

  • Highly resistant to wear by abrasion.
  • The HDPE roller body is reinforced with a 2mm steel tube resulting in a heavy duty application roller.
  • Designed to operate in extreme temperatures, harsh operating conditions, and in highly-corrosive chemical or coastal conditions.

Reduced Roller Mass:

  • Up to 60% lighter than Steel Rollers.
  • Minimise the risk created by manual handling.
  • Lower breakaway mass saves start-up cost and power requirements.

100% Belt Friendly:

  • HDPE does not damage belt. Its frictional characteristics results in less build up and decreased abrasive action on conveyor belts.

Available in:


Megaroller’s standard roller incorporates all the advantages of the Megaroller design.


The roller uses Megaroller’s innovative anti-seize technology, comprising a side flinger which remains static while the roller is running.


Our anti-runback conveyor roller can be applied to incline belts to prevent the belt from running back in the event of “belt snap”. The rollers are fitted with a roller brake system which ensure that the rollers only run in one direction.

Megaroller PolyLite HDPE Roller Specifications

Outer Diametre/Available sizes
Shaft Sizes/Available Options
20 Series
30 Series
40 Series
Gauge Length Range
200 to 900
Shaft material/Available Options Mild Steel
Mild Steel
Stainless Steel
Standard Shaft Variations
Custom Shaft Machining/Available on request
Series 2000 End
Hexagon Head End
Bearings/Available Options
B2K inhouse brand
SKF (Preferred brand)
Other brands available upon request
Special Variations/Available on Request
Links fitted for garland rollers
Short roller body
Longer roller body
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