Megaroller Africa (Pty) Ltd produces conveyor belt idlers for the bulk handling industry along with some related products. Megaroller has been producing these products under patent in Brits, South Africa with distribution across the world. All Megaroller products are branded with the Megaroller name and if this is not the case, then it is not an authentic Megaroller product. Although we work mainly through third-party distribution partners, we carry the warranty from the factory in South Africa.

All Megaroller products are covered by a limited two-year warranty. Certain Megaroller products carry only a limited one-year warranty, due to the general conditions of use of the product.

What Does This Warranty Cover?

The limited warranty is applicable to Megaroller Conveyor Idlers only. The idlers come in three variations, based on the main material used for the body of the idler:

1. HDPE (High-Density Poly-Ethylene) – Limited two-year warranty

2. Steel (Mild Steel Conveyor Tubing) – Limited two-year warranty

3. Rubber (Impact rollers and Rubber Disc Return idlers) – Limited one-year warranty

What Does This Warranty Not Cover?

The limited one-year warranty is not applicable to any Megaroller product other than Conveyor Idlers.

Any failed conveyor idler will not be covered under this warranty if the following conditions of use were not adhered to:

Handling & Storage

• There is to be no direct contact between loading equipment such as forklifts or trolley jacks and the idlers.

• Each pallet, crate and/or bundle will be handled individually and no multiple units shall be handled at the same time whether stacked or not.

• During handling all necessary care shall be taken in order not to damage the packaging of the products and for it to remain in- tact.

• Individual idlers must be handled with care. They are not to be dropped or bumped with force on any hard surface. Idlers that have been dropped onto a hard surface from a distance higher than 1 meter may suffer permanent damage, especially when dropped directly onto the shaft. This will affect the operational efficiency and lifespan of the idler.

• All conveyor idlers should be stored under cover, protected from the elements but in a well-ventilated area. Leaving idlers unattended and exposed to the elements for extended periods of time is not advised.

• After Rollers have been received all packaging, wrapping should be removed and any crates should be opened.

• Direct covers such as plastic sheets should be avoided as it could cause heat and moisture build up that could affect product properties.

• Rollers should be protected from submergence for any period of time.

• It is not advised to stack crates, bundles or pallets in multi-tier arrangements.

Installation and Operation

• Above principles shall apply during transporting and handling from storage to point of installation as well as for storage at point of installation.

• During installation all rollers are to be handled with care. They contain precision elements that will damage and affect the product integrity if subjected to abuse such as being knocked or dropped.

• Correct conveyor support structure is crucial for proper operation of the rollers.

• Mounting points should be aligned and should be equidistant from the belt centre-line and perpendicular with the belt line.

• The fi slots should be appropriate for the rollers ordered and the shaft should be fi y and securely seated into the slots.

• Final alignment should be checked before securing any bolts and where needed, adjustments should be made to correct the alignment.

• Miss-alignment of any kind is highly discouraged, as it will force the idlers to run in a manner that is not consistent with its design parameters.

• Conveyor frames must always be maintained and kept in proper working conditions. Any idler frame that has not been properly maintained will cause secondary miss-alignment, which will in turn affect the proper functioning and useful life of the idler.

• No idler will achieve its useful life if it is left to run in material spillage caused by miss-alignment or poor maintenance of the conveyor belt.

• The build-up of material around the idler will cause it to seize pre-maturely, even if the idler is fully functional. This is due to a total restriction of mechanical movement of the idler and it will stop turning and the belt will wear the material of the roller body down.

• When cleaning conveyor system avoid the use of high-pressure hoses. Should this be used never aim the cleaning jet at the end-cap or bearing housing.

What is the Period of Coverage?

All conveyor idlers are date stamped with the week and year in which it was produced. These digits will appear on one of the sides of the shaft of the roller.

Any Megaroller Conveyor Idler that develops a problem that affects its proper functioning with a date stamp that indicates that the product has been produced less than a year/two years before the date of failure will thus be covered under this warranty, depending on the type of product as discussed under previous sections.

What Must You Do to Claim on the Warranty?

When a product failure occurs within the warranty period, we need confirmation of the failure:

1. Any warranty claim must be reported in writing with substantiating evidence within 3 days of the event occurring. The claim must include order number, invoice number and delivery date.

2. A picture of the failed idler must be taken, as well as a picture showing the date stamp on the side of the shaft clearly must be taken.

3. A picture of the position in the conveyor system and a picture of the conveyor frame where the idler failure occurred must be taken.

4. These pictures, along with a short report and the original purchase order, must be sent to the Distributor from whom the idlers were purchased.

5. The distributor will collect the failed products and confirm the details of the report and pictures. The Distributor may also be asked to take the relevant pictures for the sake of convenience to the end-user.

Only in cases where the Distributor cannot be contacted for any reason may the end-user contact Megaroller Africa (Pty) Ltd directly.

What Will We Do to Correct Problems?

All failed products returned to Megaroller Africa (Pty) Ltd is placed in quarantine and a full report is given to the Distributor after a thorough investigation has been done to find the cause of the failure.

This report is given to the Distributor, which gives an explanation of the cause of the failure:

6. If the failure occurred due to a breach in the conditions of use as stipulated in this warranty, then the report will indicate the steps to be taken to correct the problem. Megaroller Africa (Pty) Ltd will give the end-user 15 working days to correct the problem, after which time the Distributor will do a site visit to ensure that the problems has been corrected. The end-user will run the risk of losing the warranty on all Megaroller products in that section of the conveyor system if the cause of the failure is not addressed. It will be in the best interest of the end-user to ensure that all idlers function under the best conditions possible.

7. If the failure occurred due to pre-mature failure of any of the idler components, then Megaroller Africa (Pty) Ltd will supply a report indicating the exact cause and also provide a replacement idler for every returned failed idler free of charge. The distributor will ensure that all replacement idlers are provided with a copy of the report.

What Will We Not Do?

8. Megaroller Africa (Pty) Ltd will not accept liability for any failed product where conditions of use cannot be verified and approved.

9. Megaroller Africa (Pty) Ltd will also not accept any liability for consequential damage caused by failure of our product.

10. Megaroller Africa (Pty) Ltd will not be able to replace any products covered by this warranty unless the correct procedures (as stipulated in this document) have been followed.

How Do You Get Service?

All communication must be sent to the Distributor from whom the product was purchased. Under no circumstances may an end-user contact Megaroller Africa (Pty) Ltd directly to claim on a warranty. Only in situations where the Distributor cannot be reached may Megaroller Africa (Pty) Ltd be contacted.

Please refer to our website for the contact details of the various Distributors:

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